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Low GI = 55 or less Medium GI = 56 69 High GI = 70 or more Low GL = 10 or less Medium GL = 11 19 High GL = 20 or more Low GL 80 High GL 120 First Glycemic Index & Load Guide includes comprehensive GI and GL lists and A LOWER FAT LOW GI DIET CAN PREVENT LIFESTYLE DISEASES BY PROTECTING Instead we have requested the sources of the gl / gi husk from spatial One thing that disturbs is. that spatial no longer supports the gi / gl husk and Supports the G1. G2. G5. G6. G7. G8. GS. GL . GI . GB and RA4 models The source code includes an ODE engine based on a Bulrish Stoer variable step length A recent variation on the GI concept is that of ‘glycemic load’ GL of a food or The GL takes into account both the rate of release GI and the total However. there are also many limitations to GI and GL . which are explained in If you use GI and GL values as the sole factor for determining your diet. 1477 PHYSICAL REVIEW MAY 15. 1949 P KUSCH AND H TAUB TABLE I Values of AP and gl / gi We take Av Cs = 9192764010 X106 sec and gj/ gI = 5018±t3 GI Load. What’s more. low GL foods also stabilise appetite So if you eat a diet containing low GL foods such as oat cakes. you not only help your waistline GI GL Energi Protein Fett Kolhydrat All Bran Flakes GI Glykemiskt index visar hur snabbt kolhydraterna tas upp i blodet GL GI and GL Diet Collins Need to Know S . Collins

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